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Professor Hörnle, however, told us there is a “fundamental difference” between online and offline, as “in the online world, you have so much more data and so you should and can control spending in other ways than by having a minimum in terms of the stakes”

The Gambling Commission online gambling review in 2018 echoed this view, stating: “online operators have the ability to collect significant amounts of data on their consumers and do not have the challenge of dealing with anonymous activity as is generally the case in land-based gambling … We expect online operators to use the data available to them to identify and minimise gambling-related harm.”

Some operators have already taken the decision to implement stake limits across the gambling products they offer online. Tombola has put in place a £2 maximum stake on bingo, £1 on arcade games and 40p on bingo Lite. Mr Parente told us that, as a result of this decision, Tombola “will probably not cause half as much harm as the others”212 who have not implemented limits.

Tombola told us they were “in favour of stake limits for machine style games online”213, suggesting that stakes across gaming machines and machine style online products could be equalised.